Why Choose Adventure Travel in Nagano?

Vast natural resources, history and culture

Nagano prefecture is a world-class mountain resort and blessed with scenery and nature. Surrounded by 3,000-meter-class mountains, approximately 20% of the region is designated as natural parks. In addition to its natural resources, Nagano is culturally very unique and has many wonderful historical sites. Since Nagano Prefecture is located in the center of Japan, it has long been a hub of trade and transportation, and there are many remnants of its past here, from ancient highways to striking castles.

Walking along the ancient Nakasendo trail is one way to get in touch with Japan's past and explore its countryside. During the Edo period (1603-1867), many travelers passed through here on their way between Kyoto and Edo, such as feudal lords, peasants, mountain ascetics, monks and even ukiyo-e artists looking for inspiration. Many of the post-towns that sheltered these travelers on their journey look just as they did during their heyday.

Many other historical trails branch off the Nakasendo, leading to temples, shrines and venerated mountaintops. Adventure lies in every direction, both on and off the well-beaten paths.

No. 1 in the number of 3,000m peaks mountains in Japan

Highest number of peaks over 3,000m in Japan

5 National parks covering 170,743ha

5 national parks covering 170,743ha

No. 1 in the number of certificated forest therapy area in japan

Highest number of certificated forest therapy areas in Japan

A Focus on Preservation and Sustainability

Nagano Prefecture aims to be a world-class mountain resort that brings happiness to both its residents and visitors. The preservation and sustainability of natural resources is an important part of that goal, and Nagano has been implementing a number of programs towards them. See the links below for details:

The Nagano Declaration on Partnership for Collaborative Action for Sustainable Development

Climate Emergency Declaration “Go Zero Carbon by 2050”

No. 1 in Japan with the lowest amount of garbage discharged per person per day

Lowest volume of garbage produced per person per day in Japan

Nagano's Adventure Highlights

Historical Nakasendo TrailーSlip Back in Time to the Edo Era

The trail stretching between Magome and Tsumago post-towns is one of the most popular sections of the Nakasendo, a historical Edo Period (1603-1868) highway. Along the trail, you’ll see wooden townscapes, stone statues and wayside shrines, tranquil waterfalls and streams—all largely unchanged since the road’s heyday. (approx. 3 hours).

Togakushi Kodo Trail—a Haunt of Mountain Ascetics and Ninja

At the foot of Mt. Togakushi are five shrines that combine to form Togakushi Shrine: the Okusha, Chusha, Hokosha, Kuzuryusha, and Hinomikosha. They are connected by the Togakushi trail, which was frequented by mountain ascetics and pilgrims. You’ll walk along this historical and spiritual trail and take in Togakushi’s tranquil atmosphere with all of your senses (approx. 5 hours).

Ontake Kodo Trail and Takigyo (waterfall meditation)

Mt. Ontake is an important spiritual destination that has attracted mountain ascetics for over a thousand years. At the end of the trail is Kiyotaki Falls, where you’ll be instructed in takigyo (waterfall meditation) and try it for yourself. This was one of the rituals that ascetic monks would perform in order to purify their bodies and minds before entering Mt. Ontake.


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