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Chikuma City’s Mori district is Japan’s largest apricot growing area. Known as Anzu no Sato (“Apricot Village”), the entire valley is covered in whitish-pink blossoms in early April. The pastoral setting is made even more picturesque by the beautiful apricot blossoms. It is said the valley has 100,000 apricot trees. In 2014, Japan’s Emperor and Empress even came to enjoy the blossoms. On a clear day, the snow-capped Northern Alps are visible in the distance, further enhancing the view.
Then in late June and early July, the apricot trees bear fruit. Some orchards offer apricot picking, and jam-making sessions are also available. You will find a variety of apricot based products made in the community, with one of the favorites being the apricot-flavored soft ice cream.

Location Mori, Chikuma City Map
TEL 026-272-0114
URL http://chikuma-kanko.com
Business hours Most area businesses open 10:00-17:00
Usage fee Walking the orchards is free.
Date(s) 2016 Apricot Blossom Festival: April 1st-17th. Apricot picking scheduled for June 25th – July 15th.

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By Train:10 min shuttle bus from Yashiro Station (Shinano Railway)
By Car:5 km / 10 min from Koshoku IC



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