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According to an old legend, the Yatsugatake mountain range was once a single peak that rivaled even Mt. Fuji, and once the two mountains held a contest to see which was taller. Yatsugatake triumphed, but in a jealous rage Mt. Fuji smashed it into pieces and created the eight peaks that remain today. Mt. Akadake is the tallest peak at 2,899m, and is one of Japan's Hyakumeizan.

From the Minoto Trailhead (1,690m) the hike to Mt. Akadake takes 7.3 hours round-trip. Because there are only a few buses daily, none of which leave very early in the morning, it is recommended to spend the night at one of the mountain huts if using public transportation. There is Yatsugatake Sanso near the bus top, Minodo Sanso 40 min. up the road, Akadake Tenboso, and Akadake Sancho Sanso at the top of the mountain.

Location Chino City Map
TEL 0266-73-8550
FAX 0262-73-8322
Usage fee Roundtrip bus fare : 1,550 yen
Trail Details Total Distance: 10.6km
Total Time: 7.3 hours
Recommended No. of Days: 2 days, 1 night
Elevation Difference: 1,230m
Starting/Ending Point: Minotoguchi Trailhead
Mid Point: Mt. Akadake
Lodging: Yatsugatake Sanso, Minoto Sanso, Akadake Tenboso, Akadake Sancho Sanso

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By Train:Get off at Chino Station (JR Chuo Line) -> Take the Minotoguchi Line bus to the Minoto trailhead.


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