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Also called a "kaar", the steep slopes of the Senjojiki Cirque were carved by glaciers some 20,000 years ago. The area's meadows are popular in the summer for their subalpine and alpine wildflowers, as well as in autumn for the fall colors. From the end of September through October, the cirque becomes a colorful tapestry interwoven with the red leaves of the mountain ash trees. This natural paradise is easily accessible thanks to the Komagane Ropeway, Japan's first mountain ropeway. It rises 950 meters over its 2,334 meter length in its duration of a little over 8 minutes.

Location 1st Block, Akaho, Komagane City Map
TEL 0265-83-3107
FAX 0265-83-4537
Mail info@chuo-alps.com
URL https://www.chuo-alps.com/lang/en/
Business hours Ropeways: Summer 08:00-17:00 Winter 09:00-16:00
Usage fee (Ropeways/Bus fees) Adults - from Suga no Dai : 3,900 yen from Komagane St. : 4,320 yen ES - from Suganodai : 1,950 yen from Komagane St. : 2,170 yen
Date(s) Event - Central Alps Opening Ceremony: End of April
Seasonal Info Alpine Flowers: July - August

Access and Parking


By Train:50 min Komagatake Ropeway bus from Komagane Station (JR Iida Line) -> Ropeway
By Car:2 km / 3 min from Komagane IC to parking area at Suganodai bus stop. Then 46 min by Komagatake Ropeway bus / ropeway.
Note: Parking not available at ropeway station.


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