Ogawa no Sho (Oyaki Dumplings)


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Oyaki is a traditional food of Nagano made in households throughout the prefecture. It is a flour dumpling stuffed with a variety of vegetables. Popular flavors include miso eggplant, pumpkin, kiriboshi daikon (sliced dried radish), and nozawana pickle.

Ogawa no Sho, located in Ogawa Village west of Nagano City, prides itself on being the largest produce of oyaki in the world. They have several Oyaki Mura shops where you can try different kinds of oyaki, both char-grilled and steamed, and even make some for yourself!

In Nagano City, Ogawa no Sho has two locations. One inside the MIDORI building attached to Nagano Station, and another in Patio Daimon on the way to Zenkoji Temple.

Location 53 Oaza Nagano, Nagano City Map
TEL 026-232-5786
URL https://www.ogawanosho.jp/blog/shop/#daimon
Business hours 9:00 to 17:00
Holiday Wednesdays

Access and Parking


From Nagano Station, a 20-minute walk or 10-minute bus ride on the Gururingo (West Exit, Platform 4).


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