Traveling by Bicycle

Nagano offers some of the most beautiful natural views in all of Japan, and visitors can combine sightseeing with exercising by taking in the sights via bicycle! Ride along quiet roads and cycle through the countryside of Azumino, the groves and forests of Karuizawa, and alongside Japan’s longest river, the Chikuma.

Where to Rent Bicycles

Bicycle rental locations can be found in front of many stations so visitors can easily hop on a bicycle after getting off a train. Half-day plans, multi-day plans, and one-way rental plans may be available depending on the rental shop. Shops promoting electric-assist bikes have also been on the rise lately, and these bikes are perfect for those looking to cruise while expending a little less energy!

Matsumoto City

Many locations in Matsumoto can be easily reached on foot, but bicycles are perfect for getting to some faraway destinations.

Azumino City

Enjoy gorgeous views of the Northern Japanese Alps while riding through the Japanese countryside. Perfect for going to Daio Wasabi Farm from Hotaka Station.

Matsushiro (Nagano City)

Rentals are available at three locations including the local tourism association.

Iiyama and Nozawa Onsen

Bicycles are perfect for enjoying confections and cycling along Japan’s longest river, the Chikuma River. Iiyama, which is famed for creating Buddhist altars, and Nozawa Onsen are both accessible by bicycle. Nozawa Onsen is slightly further away, but it’s a perfect destination for those seeking a longer ride.

The outdoor and rental shop Shin-etsu Shizenkyo Activity Center is located inside Iiyama Station. Road bikes and mountain bikes are available.


Spend a day shopping, sightseeing, and cycling all through Karuizawa’s woods and forests. Rental shops are located in front of Naka-Karuizawa Station and Karuizawa Station.

Togura-Kamiyamada Onsen

A cycling road with varying courses stretches for 8.7 kilometers along the Chikuma River. Ride the course that best suits your cycling level! Zukudashi Eco Tours can be found in Kamiyamada Onsen and visitors can also join guided tours.

Bessho Onsen

Bessho Onsen Tourism Association provides rentals.

Hakuba Valley

A variety of mountain bike trails can be found in Hakuba Valley. Evergreen Outdoor Center offers mountain bike rentals and guided tours.

Lake Suwa

A cycling road goes around Lake Suwa and takes about one and a half hours to complete a single lap. A variety of rental locations can be found.

Iida City

Visitors can take advantage of the same free bicycle rentals that residents of Iida City enjoy.