Bicycle Rental

Sightsee at your own pace via bicycle.


Matsumoto city center “Rikisha”

Free, offered by the local business district and area hotels. Multi-day rental, children’s cycles available. Inquire at your place of lodging in central Matsumoto.

Matsumoto city center “Suisui-Town”

Free, offered by the Matsumoto Convention Bureau. Available at 8 locations. Inquire at the Info Center in Matsumoto Station or near the castle. See for details.


Ueda Station

Free, you can rent at the bicycle parking to the right of Ueda station exit (not available in winter).

Ueda “Suzunoya”

Stylish urban cycles, 1600 yen / 4hrs. Shinshu Ueda Outdoor Visitors Center. See here for details.


Several operators, including Ridetown, Cyclemate Q and Ichimura.
・Cyclemate Q


Available at the Shinetsu Shizenkyo Activity Center inside Iiyama Station. From 500 yen. See here for details.
・Shinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau

Togura-Kamiyamada Hot Springs

500 yen/day for guests of the local ryokans. Easy access to the Chikuma River Cycling Road.


Two shops rent right in front of Hotaka Station. Both regular bikes and electric-assist bikes are available.